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Sultan & Pasha Chickpeas ORIGIN: Italy, Italy Supply Chain These chickpeas are a particularly nutritious and versatile food perfect for dishes such as salads, soups, stews, and pasta recipes or just plain flavoured with

Red Lentil & Yellow Lentil Flour


Red Lentil & Yellow Lentil Flour ORIGIN: Italy  [non-UE on request] *Also available Gluten-Free* Lentil flour presents a soft and pleasant flavour and in the kitchen is usually mixed with other flours, both

Gluten-Free Hulled Lentils


Gluten-Free Hulled Lentils ORIGIN: Italy By further selecting hulled lentils and separating whole seeds from the broken ones we can obtain hulled seeds cut in half, also known as "split": for the split hulled lentils,

Red & Yellow Hulled Lentils


  Red & Yellow Hulled Lentils ORIGIN: Italy [also available non-EU] Thanks to the lower fibre content compared to the whole seeds, it is a perfect choice for those suffering from bloating. In

Brown Lentils


Brown Lentils ORIGIN: Italy, Italian Supply Chain Typical of the eastern Mediterranean islands, this variety has quickly adapted to different Italian lands and - thanks to its rusticity - has been successfully cultivated by our

Black Lentils


Black Lentils ORIGIN: Italy Supply Chain This variety, only produced in small quantities in the central regions, has been selected for several years before being finally grown for commercial purposes. Very popular for its quick

Big Green Lentils [Laird]


Big Green Lentils [Laird] ORIGIN: Italy (not EU only on request) This variety of lentils is typical of the Tavoliere delle Puglie and Murge areas but also cultivated throughout Southern Italy. Characterised by a seed

Small Green Lentils [Eston]


Small Green Lentils [Eston] ORIGIN: Italy [non-UE on request] Characterised by a small size and green hue with yellow cotyledon, this legume is similar to the traditional varieties of central Italy, but more homogeneous in

Small Lentils from Central Italy


Small Lentils from Central Italy ORIGIN: Italy Supply Chain Typical of the central Apennines, the seeds of this lentil are small, mottled in colour, ranging from dark green to pink, and present unique striations. The composition

Himalayan Pink Salt


Himalaya Pink Salt ORIGIN: not EU Commonly called Himalayan salt, as per the geographical region of origin, this rock salt (or halite) is produced and extracted from the mines of the Himalayan mountain