In the LEGUMES, CEREALS (GRAINS), COUSCOUS, DRIED and DRY FRUITS and SEEDS sections we presented our selection of single-product “ingredients”, available for sale and packaging.
B.M.S. is also able to meet the needs of customers who require mixed products: whether it’s cereals and legumes soups, risotto with dehydrated vegetables, seed and dried fruit mix, we are equipped with the necessary infrastructure to treat many different types of mixes, in particular, the gluten-free ones. While some of our customers prefer providing us with their very own recipes, our research and development team has also created a series of blends standing out for their particular nutritional and organoleptic characteristics that make them unique.

Seed, Dried & Dry Fruit Mix

Seed Mix[Also Available with Toasted Seeds]

Soups, Minestrone, Risotto

Gluten Free Mix