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Poppy Seeds

Poppy Seeds ORIGIN: not EU Poppy seeds are obtained from the capsules of Papaver somniferum, annual plant of the family Papaveraceae and one of the first spices grown by man. Moreover, in ancient times it

Poppy Seeds2021-07-30T14:39:16+02:00

Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds ORIGIN: not EU Obtained from the Salvia Hispanica plant that grows wild in Mexico and the Andean regions, Chia seeds are widespread and used throughout Central and South America, where they were known

Chia Seeds2021-07-30T14:37:30+02:00

Hemp Seed Flour

Hemp Seed Flour (only on request) ORIGIN: EU In the kitchen, hemp flour lends itself to different uses: its nutty flavour makes it suitable for both sweet and savoury preparations, always in combination with other

Hemp Seed Flour2021-07-30T14:34:29+02:00

Flax Seed Flour

Flax Seed Flour (only on request) ORIGIN: EU The flaxseed flour is obtained from the milling of the whole seeds and shows a coarse, oily to the touch granulometry. It is recommended to keep it

Flax Seed Flour2021-08-03T16:58:23+02:00

Brown & Golden Flax

Brown & Golden Flax ORIGIN: Italy Supply Chain (EU and not EU only on request) Also available roasted Annual herbaceous plant of the Linaceae family, flax is characterised by beautiful and delicate blue flowers,

Brown & Golden Flax2021-07-30T14:22:55+02:00

White & Black Sesame

White & Black Sesame ORIGIN: Not EU Also available toasted Sesame is an annual herbaceous plant of the Pedaliaceae family, which was cultivated already 5000 years ago in the Indian subcontinent. In addition

White & Black Sesame2021-07-30T14:20:59+02:00

Pumpkin Kernels

Pumpknin Kernels ORIGIN: Not EU (EU only on request) Also available toasted Pumpkin seeds are harvested from the fruits of some plants of the Cucurbitaceae family. Cultivated surely by different populations such as Egyptians, Arabs

Pumpkin Kernels2021-07-30T14:19:06+02:00

Sunflowers Kernels

Sunflowers Kernels ORIGIN: Not EU (Italy on request) Also available toasted Belonging to the Asteraceae family, this plant was domesticated around 1000 BC. from the Indios of northern Mexico who considered it the image of

Sunflowers Kernels2021-07-30T14:13:56+02:00


Roveja [only on request] ORIGIN: Italy supply chain Legume of very ancient origin from the coloured seed that goes from dark green to brown-grey, before being tamed by man, it grew wild a little everywhere.


Black Soy

Black Soy [only on request] ORIGIN: non-EU Black soy is much rarer: it is grown in small quantities and distinguished by the black pigmentation of the seed and lower fat content. On a par with

Black Soy2021-07-30T11:44:04+02:00
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