Brown & Golden Flax

ORIGIN: Italy Supply Chain (EU and not EU only on request)

Also available roasted

Annual herbaceous plant of the Linaceae family, flax is characterised by beautiful and delicate blue flowers, while the fruits are capsules containing the small seeds of colour that can vary from yellow to brown. Flax has been cultivated since the dawn of civilisation, especially for obtaining fabric, and was already identified by Hippocrates as a plant with great curative power, in particular for the emollient and protective properties of the seeds.

One of the peculiarities of flax seeds is the presence of mucilages, complex carbohydrates that play a soothing action on the tissues of the intestine and stimulate motility thanks to their ability to absorb water and swell. Flax seeds are also often used in cosmetics and hair care.

Being the taste of flax seeds very neutral and delicate, in the kitchen can be used as such or crushed with pestle and mortar and, like most oilseeds, flax seeds are perfect for enriching salads, soups, muësli or the dough of homemade bread. Finally, they are excellent together with other ingredients for carminative or laxative teas.