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Yellow Soy

Yellow Soy ORIGIN: Italy, Italy Supply Chain Yellow soybean is one of the most cultivated agricultural species in the world; its composition in nutrients makes it, in fact, an interesting product for transformations and commercial

Yellow Soy2021-07-30T11:42:13+02:00

Green Mung Beans

Green Mung Beans [only on request] ORIGIN: No EU Green Mung beans, originating in India, have found widespread throughout Asia, where, for millennia, have been both an excellent ingredient in the kitchen and an effective

Green Mung Beans2021-07-30T11:40:17+02:00

Red Azuki Beans

Red Azuki Beans [only on request] ORIGIN: Not EU Red Azuki beans - from Japanese小豆 - are native to eastern Asia, where cultivated since prehistoric times. Currently, they represent the most consumed legume after soy

Red Azuki Beans2021-07-30T11:38:02+02:00

Regional Typical Beans

Regional Typical Beans Risina Beans and other typical varieties from Umbria Purgatorio Beans and other typical varieties from Lazio Zolfini Beans and other typical varieties from Tuscany Lamon Beans and other typical varieties from Piedmont

Regional Typical Beans2021-07-30T11:36:39+02:00

Black-eyed Peas

Black-eyed Peas ORIGIN: Italy, Italy Supply Chain Originating from the Mediterranean regions, in Italy they can be considered the real traditional beans, as they were cultivated already by the Italic peoples before the Roman Empire.

Black-eyed Peas2021-07-30T11:34:35+02:00

Bean Flour

Bean Flour [only on request] ORIGIN: Italy *Also Available Gluten-Free* Naturally gluten-free, the main feature of bean flour is an excellent protein balance, that makes it a great ingredient to integrate into vegetarian and vegan

Bean Flour2021-07-30T11:32:41+02:00

Black Beans

Black Beans ORIGIN: non-UE [also available from Italy] Characterised by the small size and an almost round shape, these beans have a black shell with a little white eye. This variety presents a delicious spicy

Black Beans2021-07-30T11:31:03+02:00

Red Beans

Red Beans ORIGIN: not UE [also available from Italy] They are amaranth reddish beans of medium-large calibre and oblong shape. During cooking, the outer part of the bean remains crispy, while the inside tends to

Red Beans2021-07-30T11:28:53+02:00

Cannellini Beans

Cannellini Beans ORIGIN: Italy [also available in different sizes and non-EU] Originally from Argentina, but now grown in Italy for several centuries, cannellini beans are entirely white and have an elongated shape. The soils reserved

Cannellini Beans2021-07-30T11:27:16+02:00

Borlotti Beans

Borlotti Beans ORIGIN: Italy [also available non-EU "Pinto" & "Cranberry" varieties] Borlotti beans are typical of Piedmont and are characterised by a cream colour with reddish striations. Their full taste and robust consistency are perfectly

Borlotti Beans2021-07-30T11:24:10+02:00
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