Pumpknin Kernels

ORIGIN: Not EU (EU only on request)

Also available toasted

Pumpkin seeds are harvested from the fruits of some plants of the Cucurbitaceae family. Cultivated surely by different populations such as Egyptians, Arabs and Greeks, during the ancient Roman empire pumpkins represented a vegetable dedicated to the feeding of the poorer classes but also material for tools. Starting from the 16th century, the popularity of this food increased as a result of the importation of different unknown varieties from the new world.

Thanks to the high content of tryptophan, an amino acid precursor of serotonin, pumpkin seeds support the nervous system helping to dissipate stress and recover lost sleep. Besides, pumpkin seeds help to alkalize the body’s PH and are therefore considered a true natural anti-inflammatory.

Pumpkin kernels represent an excellent ingredient in the kitchen both natural and toasted, with or without salt added. As well as other oilseeds, moreover, they can be ground to create a kind of flour, or soaked to create vegan butter. In quality of natural and very nutritious food, pumpkin kernels are a tasty snack but can also be used to enrich the muësli in yoghurt in the morning, to flavour salads and vegetable soups, in bread dough and focaccia. Finally, they are also excellent for the preparation of biscuits and energy bars, combined with other seeds and dried fruit.