Sunflowers Kernels

ORIGIN: Not EU (Italy on request)

Also available toasted

Belonging to the Asteraceae family, this plant was domesticated around 1000 BC. from the Indios of northern Mexico who considered it the image of the god of the sun of which they used to make reproductions in gold.
The main characteristic that distinguishes them from other seeds is their content of folic acid, particularly useful in pregnancy for the proper development of the baby.
Sunflower seeds are used industrially for the production of oil, but the uses of kernels in the kitchen can be many. Slightly toasted (and, if desired, salted), sunflower seeds can be a healthy snack or be added to muesli. Besides, they can be used for the preparation of pesto or spreads and are an excellent ingredient to add to salads, rice or cereal-based dishes, soups or soups. Finally, they are excellent for home-made bread and other baked products, such as crackers or breadsticks.