Shelled Hazelnuts, Peeled & Toasted


Hazelnut is the fruit of Corylus Avellana: this botanical name was attributed to him by the Romans who used the Greek word còrys, which means ‘headgear’ since the shell protects the seed looks a little like a hat. Plant cultivated by man since ancient times, at the time of the Roman empire, they used to donate hazelnut trees to wish happiness.

Thanks to the varied content of precious mineral salts for our body, hazelnuts are a real natural supplement. Rich in unsaturated fats, considered particularly beneficial for the heart, hazelnuts also have a high content of B vitamins and surprising levels of vitamin E.

Characterised by a sweet and buttery taste that blends perfectly with that of cocoa, in the kitchen hazelnuts are often used mainly for pastry products and sweets such as nougat, confetti, chocolates, praline hazelnuts, ice cream, cookies, cakes, muësli and chocolate spread. Despite the predominance of sweet uses, these fruits lend themselves well to savoury preparations; they can be a valid alternative to pine nuts in pesto or to garnish bread instead of walnuts. Finally, they are an excellent healthy snack to eat at breakfast or as hunger-cruncher.