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Soft Wheat Germ

Soft Wheat Germ [only on request] ORIGIN: EU The germ is the embryo and the vital part of the wheat seed that, during the milling, is separated from the flour to prevent rancidity, in fact,

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Soft Wheat Bran

Soft Wheat Bran ORIGIN: EU Considered for a long time just as the waste part of the flour, the bran has recently been re-evaluated since, at a nutritional level, it is very rich in mineral

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Soft Wheat

Soft Wheat ORIGIN: Italy Supply Chain Cereal a little forgotten in the kitchen in recent years, if not in the form of flour, bread and cakes, the soft wheat was, in the past, very used,

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Bulgur ORIGIN: Italy, not UE Produced by processing durum wheat, Bulgur is an ancient food originating from Anatolia that was used by the Babylonians and is still very present in Middle Eastern cuisine. Since Bulgur

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