Shelled Almonds, Peeled & Toasted


Fruit of the Prunus Dulcis plant belonging to the Rosaceae family, the Almond is an oily seed widespread, since ancient times, in all the countries bordering the Mediterranean.

Excellent sources of protein and unsaturated fats, almonds are a food rich in antioxidants that counteract free radicals and contribute to the well-being of the body. Besides, these seeds guarantee a good supply of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, which help to strengthen the bones and support the nervous system in situations of stress or fatigue.

Finally, almonds have a high fibre content, which helps to balance the metabolism.
Protagonists of many gastronomic preparations typical of Southern Italy, such as pasta and almond milk and marzipan, almonds can be used in the kitchen with great versatility in sweet and savoury recipes or just as a snack to be consumed raw or toasted.