White Quinoa & Quinoa Real


Called by the Incas “chisiya mama” – which in the Quechua language means “mother of all seeds” – Quinoa is one of the best foods to integrate into a vegetarian or vegan diet, and for those allergic or intolerant to gluten.
Besides representing a complete source of high biological value proteins with an exceptionally well-balanced profile of essential amino acids, Quinoa is entirely gluten-free.
The most common variety of quinoa is the white one, characterised by an almost neutral taste and a light and soft texture. The Real, is a distinct variety of white quinoa grown in Bolivia that presents an unusually large seed. Quinoa cooks quickly and, thanks to its delicate taste, is a polyvalent ingredient: it is suitable for replacing pasta in minestrone, for stuffing savoury pies and with vegetables sautéed. B.M.S. is very proud of offering a selection of white quinoa entirely grown in Italy.